AI agent allows 35% of messages to be sent outside working hours, with a 20 second response rate.

Significantly Reduced Team Workload

Increased Engagement

Especially with potential customers who may have otherwise disengaged

Increased Monthly Conversations

Inverclyde Leisure is a registered charity, non-profit organisation, delivering sport, leisure & health activities throughout Inverclyde. They operate 11 facilities, including gyms, pools, and sports centres.


Inverclyde wanted to onboard an AI agent to nurture prospects in the marketing funnel, answering their customers' questions about their products, and then converting that conversation into a purchase. A more consistent and efficient follow-up process was key to delivering this without increasing the workload of their human team.

1. Answer questions about Inverclyde and memberships and push to join online

2. Increase enagagement and therefore memberships

3. Target prospects at the awareness stage of the marketing funnel that otherwise may not engage with current marketing offers

4. Convert more of these prospects into high qualified leads and sales using content and conversational messaging apps to help automate the process

5. Create a more consistent follow up process for inbound leads


The start of the year is a really busy time for gyms and leisure centres, with an influx of customers keen to start the new year with a health kick.

• Inverclyde's HireBOB agent supported their team by answering questions from hundreds of customers, and dealing with all back-and-forth communications.

• The AI agent is allowing their customers to get their questions answered any time of day or night.

• Since launch 35% of messages were sent outside of the working day, and their customers received a response in under 20 seconds. This ensured their customers were able to kickstart their new routines without delay!

35% of messages sent out of hours

Response rate reduced to under 20 seconds

“revolutionised our sales and service operations”

“The integration of BOB Ai has revolutionised our sales and customer service operations here at Inverclyde Leisure. The streamlined process has significantly reduced team workload while increasing engagement, especially with potential customers who may have otherwise disengaged. Monthly conversations have consistently risen, showcasing the effectiveness of the platform, and the user-friendly interface and exceptional support from the Hire:BOB team have made the integration seamless. Looking ahead, we are really excited about the continued growth in enhancing our customer interactions and driving success across the business."

Andrew Hetherington

Head of Business Development, Inverclyde Leisure